Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The painted dresser..

This will be one of the items going on EBay
in the next couple of days,
I have been using it as a display piece in the shop for a while,
but I now feel the time has come to let it find a nice new home.
I always find it hard to part with things,
I should run a museum and not a shop,
Then I would never have to part with anything!lol!
Isn't it just gorgeous...

Its very 'country Living', don't you think? Its beautiful quality,
all solid pine, I just adore the green tongue and grove at the back,
it seems to compliment whatever I put on it...

Do I really want to part with it hmmm????
Jennifer x


Musenkind am Meer said...

Dear Jennifer,

it´s time to say "Thank you" to you for all the inspirations you gave to me. For all the lovely pictures! A flavour of roses waves through your blog.


sue15cat said...

I LOVE your dresser, don't you thnk a dresser just shows off everything at it best, fill it with clutter it looks good, keep it minimal it looks just as good..... Pine or painted I think they are (almost) all lovely.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I bet you're having SO much fun doing up your new little home, if you're anything like me shop stock will end up there!!

Sue xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh it is soooo pretty and if I didn't have a lovely painted pine dresser of my own I would certainly want this beauty.

OhSoVintage said...

How can you bear to sell it, it's really pretty? Hope you get a good price for it.

Seelennahrung said...

Very very beautiful! I love it!


PolarBearCreations said...

It's beautiful!!
I sure would have to keep it! :0)
Beautiful blog by the way!
Have a wonderful day!

mollycupcakes said...

Oh Jen, why oh why do you have to be sooo far away from me?
I love it and Ben and are loking for just something like that right now lol
And that one is just gorgeous, I'll show him and have words on the matter lol
I am watching it on Ebay, maybe email me with the sort of price your after.
Thanks for your lovely emails, hope to speak soon honey-pie.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Beautiful pictures and inspiration

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi there what a pretty dresser, I would find it hard to part with. It seems to hold a lot of pretties, so what will you use in it's place? Dev X

Blueberry Heart said...

hello, I just wish I had somewhere to put a dresser like that, now if I could knock the kitchen wall down and extend a smidge....!
Love the blog and photos - so pretty!

Little Old Cottage said...


you have very nice things. I Love your Blog. Your pictures are so beautiful.

Have a nice day.


annie's abode said...

hi jennie,
gorgeous, gorgeous dresser - it is very hard to part with beautiful things although you do have your lovely kitchen dresser - see i remembered.
everything compliments it as you have the knack of displaying items so prettily.
i am glad you are posting more often as i enjoy your blog.

the homely year said...

A lovely dresser...the green tongue and groove works really well with the cream colour. And I like all the things displayed...very tempting.
Margaret and Noreen

gingerwine said...

thought I would say hello, and its glad to see you back in blog land!
You have a beautiful shop, lots of lovely pretty things!!

Love Sam xx

Cathy said...

I love the green and cream together, and wish I had space for it myself!
Cathy X

Anonymous said...