Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The only problem with having a shop full of beautiful things???... not keeping everthing!

Its a major problem, being surrounded by all these beautiful objects in the shop all day...
sometimes the temptation just gets all to much!

Every now and again it happens, I just have to bring something home with me,
and this time it was a gorgeous french inspired mirror.

I had the perfect spot for it, with a beautiful duck egg blue
Laura Ashley wallpaper back drop
and a pretty original
Victorian fireplace below I knew it would look just perfect.

I hope you'll agree that it looks pretty good,
I do have another one the same for sale in the shop,
and at a mere £75 I think its quite a good buy!...
How could you resist!!!xxx

P.S Soz for disappearing for so long again, I have had a hard time over the last few weeks and have been supporting a friend through a really difficult time, it is to personal to be posting about it on line,
I hope you'll all understand.
I'm hoping I really am back for good now! I Hope you have all been well, I have missed you all!!!x