Sunday, 6 July 2008

Has it really been that long????!...

Hello All!
I cant belive how long its been since I last did a post! Thankyou to all who have sent emails regarding my whereabouts (its very nice to know I have been missed!!)

Well, all I can say is that the last couple of months have been a little busy to say the least, I wont go into detail but lots of things have happened, some good, some bad, but hopefully all is back to somekind of normality now so I should be back on form and begin to blog more frequently.
.......I thought, seems as its been so long you might like to see some recent pics of the shop,
I had been thinking for a while that I ought to spend some time (and money) on the look of the shop, there were several things I had meant to do when I first took the shop on, but I was so desperate to open that I put certain things on hold.
I decided that the time had come to do these things, so we closed the shop for a week so Clive and I could work like crazy to get things done and have it re-opened a week later.
We had the floor sanded so the whole place seems brighter and lighter, we have painted all the walls in a gorgeous Laura Ashley chalk pink which beautifully compliments the new ranges of french inspired furniture that Im now selling, and Clive built me a fabulous new counter which he covered in a beautiful wallpaper...Anyway, enough talking about it here are the pics so you can see for yourself!

I hope you all like it, its been hard work but Im sure it was worth it.
The next job is to re-decorate what was the store room out the back of the shop, its a tiny space but Im hoping to use it as a (small) studio for my interior design. We've just had the floor redone, its been re-plastered and we have had some beautiful french doors put on which allows the light to pour in. Im itching to get out there and give it a transformation from dingy (and a little damp) storage space to a bright, airey and inspirational work space.

.........Jennifer xxx