Thursday, 13 March 2008

I love E-bay...

The other night though I thought I'd have a nosy on eBay to see if they had a little table that I could use in my bedroom and some how I stumbled across the most gorgeous chest of drawers, of course I thought its bound to be miles away in Scotland or something as it was a 'pick up only' item but to my delight it was only a short drive away in Exeter, I decided to have a bid, and hooray! I won it!!

Well, its way to big for the bedroom so it is now standing very proudly in my sitting room. The room has needed a substantial piece of furniture for a while (other things just seemed to look a bit lost) and this chest of drawers is just perfect.

I also had another treat this week, and that was the arrival of my long awaited (since December may I add!) Laura Ashley butterfly jug. It sits perfectly on my chest of drawers and with a bunch of daffodils it certainly brightens up these miserable days were having!

So I am back to being an obsessive eBay fan, constantly looking to try and find another fabulous item at a bargain price...I'm sure I'm not the only one like this?...Am I??? xxx