Monday 8 June 2009

A quick update from Buttercup & Roses...

A quick post to let all our friends and customers know that
Buttercup & Roses is now
open 7 days a week,
from 10.30am...

We have lots of lovely new collections to tempt you,
from lavender hearts, yummy scented candles &

bunches of the most beautiful faux roses and hydrangea's.

You will also find a fabulous selection of
lanterns and candle holders
to make your garden sparkle with romance this summer

I look forward to seeing you all soon, Jennifer xxx

Saturday 16 May 2009

Ebay Update...

This is the latest addition to the Buttercup & Roses Ebay shop...
The most beautiful white French console table.
Dont you just love it! With its five little drawers
and display shelf at the bottom,
isnt it just perfect for a French/shabby chic inspired home...

Im trying to keep the ebay shop well stocked,
but with our new home starting to take shape I am rather
pre-occupied with that.
It'll soon be time to share some pictures of it with you...
I cant wait!

Love and Hugs, Jennifer xxx

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Close your eyes, think of Paris and relax...

I have spent the last couple of weeks ordering new stock for the shop ready for the Easter weekend, its the start of the holiday season here at Buttercup & Roses, things really start to pick up and we get a lot more visitors to our little fishing town here in Watchet.
One of my favourite new ranges has to be from the fabulous company 'Bath House', I had several of their things in at Christmas, beautiful scented candles and soaps, the range went down really well with my customers so I decided to re-order with them as they have just released a gorgeous new range of bath time goodies called 'Serenite', I'll quote the text on the back of the bath salts to give you an idea in words just how scrummy they are...
Find your dreams in Paris. Discover Serenite,
the spirit of freedom and escape.
A crisp light floral fragrance of refreshing cut stems,
white tea and rose resting on subtle notes of crushed thyme,
wild hyacinth, muguet and musk.
Whisk yourself away into your dreams.
To create a bath full of silky soft water,
lightly fragranced with Serenite,
sprinkle a spoonful of the salts into warm running water, immerse and relax.

oohhh I think I feel a bath coming on!...Along side the bath salts (with real rose buds!) I have pretty hand wrapped soaps, fragranced candles, rose bud cones and a Delicious scented bath soak...Oh and the 'Serenite' perfume should be with me in a couple of weeks...If I close my eyes for a moment and take in the beautiful fragrances I could almost be in Paris...
...Oh well, I always did get in trouble for day dreaming!
Love and Hugs
Jennifer x

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Looking back...

I was having a little peek through all my old photos today and came across
the file that holds all the pic's of my old house...
Its funny how looking back at old photos can trigger certain emotions,
and I felt quite sad thinking of how happy we were in the old cottage.
Of course I am so pleased to finally be on the property ladder,
but while our new house is in such a mess
(holes still in ceilings, walls missing etc)
and it doesn't seem to be getting any better in a hurry,
it is very difficult to imagine it ever actually being a real 'home'.

Anyway enough of that sillyness!
The central heating is being started this weekend
(fingers & toes crossed!)
and then Clive can start putting our little home back together...
And before long I can start choosing paint colours and wallpaper,
I cant wait for that bit!!!

I thought you might like a little reminder of my old house so
I'll share a few pictures with you...
...of course it was always this tidy and organized!lol!

I hope your having a good week so far, isn't this weather we've been having just lovely,
it wont be long and the sunny evenings will be here...Yippee!!!

Love Jennifer x

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Spring in my step...

A couple of weeks ago Clive and I went to a local flea market,
whilst driving through the stalls to park the van,
something caught my eye...
It was the most beautiful vintage french wire work plant stand.
Of course I assumed it was going to be incredibly expensive,
but wanting to put my mind at rest I sent
Clive over to ask the price,
I was more than surprised when Clive informed
me of the very fair asking price...
So, with the last of my birthday money clutched tight in my hand,
I dashed across the field to buy it
before someone else got there first,
(I must add, that 'dashing' is not an easy task whilst
wearing my 'designer' wellies!)...
luckily I got there in time and I eagerly
passed the money over to
the stall holder whilst squealing with delight, It was mine!...
This Sunday turned out to be the most beautiful day,
so I set up the potting table in my new garden
(well more of a jungle at the moment!)
and got to work potting up some primroses and
daffodils into the Victorian terracotta pots
I have 'borrowed' from my grandma's garden.

I'm very pleased with the end result, the spring flowers look so pretty, I cant wait to add to it over the next few weeks...

I hope your all having a good week so far...
Jennifer x

Tuesday 17 February 2009

The painted dresser..

This will be one of the items going on EBay
in the next couple of days,
I have been using it as a display piece in the shop for a while,
but I now feel the time has come to let it find a nice new home.
I always find it hard to part with things,
I should run a museum and not a shop,
Then I would never have to part with anything!lol!
Isn't it just gorgeous...

Its very 'country Living', don't you think? Its beautiful quality,
all solid pine, I just adore the green tongue and grove at the back,
it seems to compliment whatever I put on it...

Do I really want to part with it hmmm????
Jennifer x